Information about .ax

Users of ax-domain names are often åland companies, people or services but anyone can be users of an ax-domain name. The Government of Åland is working towards registrars and supervises and administers the registrar-model. The Government manage the domain name registry and name service (DNS) for ax-root. The Government provide the website that contains information, legislations and the search function to existing and vacant ax-domain names.
On 5 September 2016, a new law on ax-domains entry and with the legislative amendment changed the system for the administration of domain names. Anyone who wishes to register an ax-domain names (domain name holder) turn to any registrar of their own choice and that registrar registers domain name in the Governments domain name registry.
The registrar provides the domain name holder all services: application, renewal, transfer, change of registrar, updating data and removal of the domain name. With the new registrar-model changes also the restrictions on residence and age. A domain name must always be registered on the real user, not for example on the registrar that only manages the domain name of its customer.
Domain names registered before 5 September 2016 continues to be valid under current period of validity, but domain names can only be renewed through a registrar.
The Government charges a fee from registrars for each registration and each renewal of domain names. The fee of domain names is the same for all registrars. Registrars may freely price their own services and set their own prices for their customers.

For domain name holders

A domain name holder makes contact with any registrar of their own choice to register an ax-domain name and all other related services.
Domain name holders current domain names period of validity (domain names registered before 5.9.2016) will not change and the domain names will be valid until normal expiry. The Government will gradually urge domain name holders to move over to any registrar of their own choice.
After the 5.9.2016 the domain name holders no longer be able to renew the validity or update their contact and billing information at the Government, all service is provided at the registrar.
Domain name holders can choose their registrar from the list.
The Government monitors the registry-registrar model and continues to manage the domain name registry and name service (DNS) for ax-root. A domain name must not violate another’s protected name or trademark.

Who can apply for ax-domain name?

A domain name can be registered to a user who is a legal person, a business operator, an individual or other association.
Anyone who wishes to register an ax-domain name turns to any ax-registrar of their own choice.
After the 5 of September 2016, it is no longer only people living on Åland or Åland companies that can use an ax-domain.

Act on domain names

The registration of domain names under the top level domain. ax is governed by the information society code (917/2014) paragraphs about domain names and domain name regulation M68. From 5 september 2016 entered the new law if the toppdomänamnet. ax. The Act stipulates, inter alia, operational model for Administration of domain names, responsibilities and obligations as well as the form and content of the domain name.


Link to pdf domännamnsparagraferna in information society code (917/2014)
Link to pdf Domain Name Regulation 68/2016 M
Link to pdf justification and application of regulation 68

Form of Domain Name

An ax-domain name can generally be freely selected. The law, however, has some limitations in terms of domain names form and content.
A domain name must consist of at least two and a maximum of 63 characters.
Allowed characters in a domain name are:

A domain name may not:

A full description of the domain name is in the form Domännamnsföreskriften M68.


Domain name holders
The person, company or association in which the domain name is registered. Domain name holders are customers of any registar of their own choice. A domain name must be registerd on the real user, not on the registrar or another contractor.
A provider of a service to their customers. The service comprises to apply for and register domain names for their customers’ part at the government. The registrar provides all services related to ax-domain names: application, renewal, transfering, change of registrar, termination and update the domain name holders’ contact information. The registrar complies with the obligations set for a registrar in the Information Society Code and related regulations.
Domain name register
The Government manages a register of all ax-domain names, domain name holders and registrars.
The name server
A name server connects the domain name and the location of other services, such as email and website. Name servers are usually provided by your provider of email and web hosting.


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