Who can become a registrar

Anyone can serve as a registrar. The registrar has certain obligations and responsibilities.

The responsibilities and the obligations of the registrar are regulated in the Information Society Code (FFS 917/2014) and the Domain Name Regulation M 68, both came into force the 5 of September 2016.

How does it work?

Once you have registered as a registrar .ax you will receive a username and password to log in to your own registrarplatform. On this page you will be able eg .:

Whois.ax do not use EPP apis yet, it works with manual forms

Responsibility, regulations and legislation

As a registrar, you have a responsibilities and obligations. Only registrars can register and manage their customers’ ax-domain name through the Governments system in the domain name registry.

At the customer’s request the registrar shall register the domain name in the Government of Åland domain name registry, update the domain name, renew the validity of the domain name, change the domain name registrar, transfer the domain name to another holder and remove the domain name from domain name register.

The registrar is for example also reqiired to provide their customers

The registration of domain names under the top level domain. ax is governed by the information society code (917/2014) paragraphs about domain names and domain name regulation M68. From 5 september 2016 entered the new law if the toppdomänamnet. ax. The Act stipulates, inter alia, operational model for Administration of domain names, responsibilities and obligations as well as the form and content of the domain name.

Link to pdf domännamnsparagraferna in information society code (917/2014)
Link to pdf domain name regulation M68
Link to pdf justification and application of regulation 68

Payment and invoicing

The Govenment of Åland charges a domain name fee from registrars for each registration and each renewal of domain names.The domain name fee is the same for all registrars.

Registrars may freely price their own services and setting their own prices for their customers.

Prices are received when you are registered as a registrar or contact axdoman@regeringen.ax for further information.

Situations and procedures


Situations and procedures

Transfer codes are always created by the current registrar and the code is valid for five days.